Our Products

Please note, allocation risk may take place with all current pre-orders. As we have been experiencing this year most products have had a higher demand then what has been produced limiting what retailers are able to get in terms of supply. That being said please Contact us if would like to Pre-Order any of our products so that way we can take down your information.                           (no payment information required at this time)
We have temporary disabled the ability to order and pay through the online shop at this time for any pre-order items. Please use the Contact Us section to send us your Pre-order request with items and quantity requesting. We will take down all information and once we know how much we will be getting for allocation we will attempt to fill as many orders as possible. This may mean some people only end up getting 1 item vs 2 or more just to try to ensure all customers who place an order are able to get something, we do go first come first serve however so if we have 10 orders for example for a item and only receive 5 the first 5 orders placed will be filled. We will be contacting everyone with updated order information as soon as we have it. This also ensures you don't pay us until we confirm what products and how many of each we will be able to deliver for each customer. Thank you